Sunburst above Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park

Sunburst above Swiftcurrent Lake in Glacier National Park

by Jason Vines

I’d scarcely hiked past the trailhead of Glacier National Park‘s Grinnell Glacier Trail (a few years ago now, in 2018) when I began to feel awestruck by the region’s natural splendor.

I did have to cross a small bridge over Swiftcurrent Creek, when I was thankful as always to be out in nature but not astounded yet.

The bridge over Swiftcurrent Creek

But then as the trail hugged Swiftcurrent Lake, I glimpsed mountains and the sun through the trees, and I began to smile. Grinnell Glacier Trail was starting to show the beauty for which I had traveled out West from Washington, DC.

And this was just a taste of wonders to come.

Many Glacier Hotel Glimpsed Through Trees across Swiftcurrent Lake
The Many Glacier Hotel sits underneath the mountains on Swiftcurrent Lake. It delightfully evokes an Alpine chalet.

This post serves a similar function. Coming soon: More beauty from one of the most spellbinding trails I’ve ever hiked.

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