White House with National Christmas Tree

White House with National Christmas Tree

by Jason Vines

Christmas is my favorite holiday. I revel in the decorations, the carols, the chill, and the opportunity to recharge from work. Nevertheless, I hadn’t ventured out much over this holiday season.

After being diagnosed with ADHD, I’ve started Adderall, and I’ve also been supplementing at various times with magnesium threonate, fish oil, B complex, D3, tyrosine,  acetyl-l-carnitine, creatine, and piracetam in addition to my customary multivitamin. This all seems to enhance my focus and clarity. In addition to concentrating better, motivation and phraseology come more easily to me.

What I felt motivation to do over my week off was clean and tidy my apartment. Before, unless someone was coming over, I had habitually left strewn about bags of clean laundry from my building’s concierge cleaning service, boxes from Amazon deliveries, and other junk, amid some dust bunnies from infrequent vacuuming and mopping. I hated it because I’m actually not a slob; cleanliness and organization bring me peace. But without the impetus of visitors to my home, I just couldn’t make myself address boring household tasks.

Now, however, thanks to Adderall and the myriad supplements, that has changed. Little by little, I’ve brought order to the chaos of my apartment. I’m still not quite done, but tonight I was finally in a state of mind to reward myself with a photographic adventure to celebrate Christmas. Before I took Adderall, I had worried about its impact on my creativity, but that appears not to be a concern.

Tomorrow evening, I’ll venture out to the Capitol tree.

(By the way, photography in cities poses a challenge vis-a-vis natural settings that’s not often discussed: the need to decamp for an official restroom if I need to wizz. I can’t just find some convenient trees or bushes off the trail to go behind! That is, unless I accept the risk of arrest for public urination and classification as a sex offender.)

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