Virginia Falls at Glacier National Park

Virginia Falls at Glacier National Park

by Jason Vines

The day before at Glacier National Park, I soaked in rocky mountain peaks while hiking the Highline Trail. This day, I accompanied another ranger-led hike through a forest to see a lake and waterfalls. This particular waterfall is Virginia Falls.

Just this area of Glacier National Park would comprise the entirety of many other parks I’ve visited. But Glacier has many other sections besides, and they’re all beautiful. I think Yellowstone might be larger, but in terms of beauty per square mile, Glacier outmatches it.

Ranger Leading Hike at Glacier National Park
Glacier National Park has an astonishing array of ranger-led programs, quite a few more than any other park I visited this trip. The ranger here led a hike from Sunfire Gorge to see St. Mary Lake, as well as St. Mary and Virginia Falls.

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