Urs Fisher Invisible Mother at Legion of Honor in San Francisco

Urs Fisher “Invisible Mother” at Legion of Honor in San Francisco

by Jason Vines

I don’t follow sculpture or painting to a great extent, but I do occasionally enjoy venturing inside art galleries, such as the Legion of Honor in San Francisco, to gawk at the freaky exhibits on display.

This woman in the rotunda caught my eye almost immediately. I say woman because the piece is called “Invisible Mother.” It was part of an exhibition called “The Public and the Private,” a showcase of Urs Fisher’s work the Legion was presenting when I visited.

I’m hardly an expert at art interpretation, but I can see in this an unfortunate mother who had given her last during childbirth. Don’t ask me about the hose or the coins, though. It’s delightfully weird, but I wonder what drugs were involved in the creation of this work.

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