Maroon Bells Winter and Autumn

Maroon Bells Winter and Autumn.jpg

Maroon Bells Winter and Column
Fall colors and winter snow collide at the Maroon Bells near Aspen, Colorado

The Maroon Bells are one of the prettiest locations in Colorado, as I saw when I visited four years ago. When I revisited them this past month, the same gorgeous fall colors greeted me, but this time in a sublime juxtaposition with snowfall heralding the coming winter. At first, the accompanying clouds swirling around the lake made the peaks so hard to see I didn't bother trying to take pictures of the Bells. Patience, however, ultimately rewarded me with the view I had sought.

Unlike last time, I didn't need to get down on my hands and knees, thanks to the articulating LCD screen of the Sony A7R II camera. I could set the camera down low and tilt the rear screen up to compose my images, which I was especially grateful for this day as I was in no mood to kneel in the mud on the shores of Maroon Lake.