Crater Lake Snowy Panorama

Crater Lake Snowy Panorama

by Jason Vines

My visit to Crater Lake National Park last September coincided with the first snowfall of the season, as I mentioned in my previous post showcasing a photo from the park’s Garfield Peak Trail. That other photo was shot as I hiked up the trail; this one is from Garfield Peak itself. A stunning view of the whole lake was my reward for the climb.

Even with my wide angle lens, I couldn’t encompass more than half of Crater Lake from my vantage point atop Garfield Peak. And I felt that wouldn’t adequately convey the majesty of the scene, so I decided to try my first panorama, whereby I take one picture, twist the tripod head on which my camera sits, take another picture, and repeat until I’ve captured the whole scene. Later, I merge the shots on my computer, which Lightroom makes very easy.

This clear view was purest luck. All but impenetrable clouds roiled across the lake much of the time as the snowstorm did its work. I couldn’t quite finish the panorama because the clouds were quick about moving back in.

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